Pre-used Paintball Gear for Sale

DYE Paintball Pants

The DYE core pants are the result of close collaboration among pro athletes, material experts, and designers. Weight: 2.08 lbs


Size is M/L and will fit waist 31-36 inches. Excellent condition.


Planet Eclipse Bounce Vest

The Eclipse bounce vest is the standard in paintball body protection and safety that reduces ball breaks and protects your body from impacts when diving and sliding.


Size is Large. Excellent condition.


DYE R2 Loader

Comes with a speed feed and standard lid.The R2 gives you the freedom to switch between high and low capacity. You choose between 200 ball and 260 ball capacity at any time, without the need of tools or spare parts.


Excellent condition.


DYE i5 Goggles

Comes with smoked thermal lens and ground breaking features like the GSR pro-strap.

in Excellent condition and includes a goggle bag.


Grillz Goggles

Comes with smoked thermal lens and 2 spare lenses. Includes a goggle bag.


Profiler Goggles

Comes with mirrored thermal lens and spare lense, includes a goggle bag.


Dye Rotor

Dye Rotor loader. Comes with speed feed and shell extender.


Virtue Spire 260

Virtue Spire 260 loader. With speed feed.


Empire Air System

Empire 1.1L, 4500psi air systems. Need re-testing in July, hence price.


GI Camo Pack

GI Camo pack. Can take up to 7 pots.


Exalt Tank Grip

Fits on 1.1L air system for protection and extra.


Eclipse Shaft Barrel Back

Shaft barrel back, which takes freak inserts.


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